Nov 1, 2009

11/5. 20th Anniversary of The BERLIN WALL / ベルリンの壁20周年記念


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Events to Take Place November 5-28, 2009 Throughout The United States

Public Assembly featuring live painting from Japanese street artist,
presented by COOL Magazine in Brooklyn, New York

LOS ANGELES, October 21, 2009 - LA-based BOA Events announces show dates for Rise&Fall, an art and music event series that commemorates the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. This national mobile art installation and electronic music event will feature artwork that interprets the theme “Breaking Down Barriers.” All artwork will be displayed on Kodak S730 and D830 digital picture frames that will showcase the multiple entries that were received during the open call for submissions. The nightlife event will also include music performed by renowned Turkish-German DJ/Producer, DJ Ipek Ipekcioglu.

“During our open call for submissions, we received artwork from 19 countries and 19 states within the United States. Submissions were requested in digital form to be displayed on Kodak digital picture frames throughout the venues because it allows us to showcase creative representations of the broader theme of breaking down barriers to a demographic in venues and volume we otherwise could not,” added Mikaela Pollock, co-director of BOA.

Interested individuals are invited to visit the Rise&Fall Web site at www.rise-fall.comto find out more about an event near them. Confirmed Rise&Fall venue and dates are as follows (more to be confirmed on the Rise&Fall Web site):

11/05/09 - Public Assembly featuring live painting from Japanese street artist, PESU - presented by COOL Magazine in Brooklyn, New York (

11/12/09 - White Room in Miami, Florida (
11/18/09 - DC9 in Washington, DC (
11/19/09 - Enormous Room in Boston, MA (
11/20/09 - Tazza Caffe in Providence, RI (
11/21/09 - Venue TBA in Las Vegas, NV
11/27/09 - The Purple Lounge at The Standard Hotel Hollywood in Los Angeles (

Professional and amateur artists that work in a wide range of mediums were asked to submit digital versions of their work and a short description of what “bringing down walls” or “breaking down barriers” means to them - either as directly related to the Berlin Wall or on a more symbolic, personal, cultural or social level. Digital art itself breaks down the walls of traditional display, allowing more artists to contribute to the project and more people to see the mobile national exhibition. Images and descriptions will be displayed on Kodak S730 and D830 digital frames and projected in event venues during each Rise&Fall event and select images will also be available for viewing online on the Rise&Fall Web site.

The Embassy of the Republic of Germany Washington, D.C. and the Consulate General of the Republic of Germany New York,Miami, Boston and Los Angeles are the official sponsors of the Rise&Fall event series. For more information on this year’s German Mission in the United States theme, “Freedom Without Walls,” consumers can visit:

To add to the creative atmosphere, renowned DJ Ipek Ipekcioglu will be performing. As a daughter of Turkish immigrants to Germany, she personifies the breaking down of cultural barriers and stigma―raised as an ethnic minority (Turkish), religious minority (Muslim) and sexual minority (lesbian). DJ Ipek Ipekcioglu performs a style of music that directly represents her cultural diversity and pride. Her performances are the embodiment of contemporary Germany (post-Wall), smashing musical, cultural and social barriers through an eclectic mix of Middle Eastern sounds and Berlin Electro, drawing on minority subcultures and pop culture in Germany.

DJ Ipek expressed, “Living near the Berlin Wall when it was brought down in 1989, I have a special place in my heart for this anniversary. It was a big challenge for all of us to deal with this wall-less situation. It changed our lives in Berlin. With the opening up of a great city, Germany became even more international. I'm excited to travel the United States with Rise&Fall and, through my passion for music, commemorate this historic occasion with American audiences.”

BOA Events (BOA Life LLC) is an LA-based event production, graphic and web design, and artist management company focused on the electronic music industry. BOA’s philosophy has always been that music and art are the best ambassadors, building bridges between cultures and connecting people through common experiences. As scholars of international relations, BOA’s founders believe that, in a highly politicized world divided by ethnic, racial, religious and cultural lines, music and art hold the power to cross these lines and educate on a level that goes beyond the mind to the heart and soul.

Rise&Fall concept and branding created by: BOA Life LLC (dba BOA Events)
Rise&Fall event production by: BOA Life LLC (dba BOA Events)

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marippe said...

i wanna go! sounds really nice!!but im workin late tmw...GENKI PESU KUN!!

PESU said...

>marippe san!!

Its gonna be 9pm - 2am
so hope u can make it n cheers up BERLIN WALL!! or lets drink some where in east village!!