Mar 6, 2010

Tmrw! 3/7 (Sun) CHISEKI -Traces of Nature - @ 310 Lounge


- Traces of Nature-

Japanese Art Show & Performance

Sunday March 7- Sunday March 14, 2010

Opening Reception:
Sunday March 7th
, 2010 8pm - 2am

Live Performance: 10:30pm - 11:30pm

@ 310 Lounge | 310 Bowery, New York, NY


Stepping into a silent desolate field
Dressed in blessings from mother earth

The spirit of nature sketched
Footprints on a parched ground
Swirls in dance rustling the petals of
Dying flowers and leaves of trees

Reaching out to a pale moon
The spirit's warm kiss embraces all existence
On the planet reviving a sun's essence

History is nothing more than human evolution
Traced in decomposition and rejuvenation
Cultivated along winding paths where
Spirit empowers even the heartbeat of the earth
Repainting the drone of monotonous undertone
Into vibrant harmonies unfamiliar yet known

Chi (地-earth) Seki (跡-trace)
In celebration makes a
Tangible incarnation of earthy ensemble
Like stars strung by lightening that chime and hum
In delicate breeze pleasantry

Join us as we immortalize life through
Performance, art/installation and sound
Rooted in the movement of nature
Creating space for the
Blossoming spring within


Japanese artists now living in Sweden, San Francisco, and New York explore the theme of ChiSeki through installation, performance, visual and photography in hopes of leaving a trace of human distinctions in reverence of the natural order of life.

ChiSeki features Aoi Yamaguchi, Hiroko Tsuchimoto, Martin Soderblom, Mika Yanaguhara, Zaion, Tokio Kuniyoshi, Yoko Furusho, Akko Terasawa, PESU and Yasuaki Okamoto.

The opening reception event of ChiSeki at 310 Lounge, located on 310 Bowery in New York, will be held on Sunday, March 7th, 2010 from 8pm - 2am. The live performance will begin at 10:30pm on the night of the reception event. The exhibition will be on display through March 14th and is open to the public.


Artists Overview

Aoi Yamaguchi (San Francisco)
Japanese Calligrapher

Akko Terasawa (San Francisco)
Graphic Designer / Photographer

Hiroko Tsuchimoto (Sweden)
Textile Artist

Mika Yanagihara (New York)
Contemporary Dancer

Martin Soderblom (Sweden)
Video Artist

Zaion (San Francisco)
Music Producer

Tokio Kuniyoshi (New York)

Yoko Furusho (New York)

PESU (New York)

Yasuaki Okamoto (New York)

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