Apr 1, 2010

announcement of PESU ART MEMBER lottery winners

We apologize for the late announcement.
The winner of lottery for PESU ART MEMBER are following. Congrats!

PESU ART MEMBER の発表が遅れて大変申し訳ございません。当選者は以下になります。おめでとうございます!!!

February 2010 #15. Chris Laytham

March 2010 #77. Hitomi Ikeda

April 2010 #22. Jeffery Dessources

People who has not become the member and if you would like to join the member in order to receive special gift from PESU ART, please click the link below.

まだ会員になっていない方でPESU ARTのスペシャル ギフトが抽選で欲しい方は是非下記のリンクから会員になって頂ければ幸いです


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