May 29, 2010

PESU on Cult Street Wear/ Josh Sims

Cult Street Wear

Josh Sims

From its origins in American workwear, via west coast subcultures, extreme sports and subsequent commercialism, streetwear has become to fashion as hip-hop has to music: a global phenomenon. Incorporating cultural codes of dress, the best in graphic design, as well as exemplary brand-building – the products not of corporate giants but cottage/tenement industries – the leading streetwear brands have become influential beyond the sphere of fashion alone. Streetwear may form a fundamental look for out-of-office-hours dress for teenagers and middle youth alike, but its leading lights have connections with the worlds of art, advertising, music and interiors that make them as potent as ‘designer’ brands many times their size.
Showcasing over 30 of the most exciting and – importantly – pioneering of streetwear brands, this book focuses not on the endless me-too labels, but those that have shaped the market since the late 1980s. Cult Streetwear tells the stories of the people behind the brands – from entrepreneurs to graffiti writers, DJs to surf dudes to sneaker nuts, from LA to NYC, London to Berlin and Tokyo. It explores each brand’s cultural resonance, and explains why so many have gained a cult following while continuing to break new ground in a market with unlimited scope for innovation.


1980年代後半に、突如として誕生したストリート・ブランドの数々。それらはアメリカの労働着からヒント得たものだったり、西海外サブカルチャーの必須アイテムだったり、エクストリーム・スポーツのユニフォームだったりと大都市を中心に大きな影響力を持つようになります。そんなストリート・ウェアの概念を創った重要な30のブランドを豊富な写真と共に紹介。収録されているブランドは、EVISU、A Bathing Ape、Stussy、Adidas、Fred Perry、Vans、Schott、Red Wing等などです。ライフスタイルをも巻き込むカリスマ・ブランドの真相に迫る一冊だそうですぺす。


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