Aug 14, 2010

P-report: 8/12&13. "SLAPPA" x "PESU" in North Carolina

Live Mural Painting

@ SLAPPA showroom in North Carolina

1st Day
started to paint around 2:30pm.
1st day finished at 7:30pm. (5hrs)
played pool at and had lots of sake shots and beer
@ Slappa's owner, Dominick's huge house. This is his basement.

2nd Day
started w/ hang over from 11:30am.

Finish 8:30pm!! Total 11hrs!!!


after that hard work, had lots of sake,
sparkling wine again and... i went to FUN place!!lol

Slappa, Dominick, DJ Notch, Patrick, Edger, Garrick, Peter, Kelly
and who watched me painting at the space and through online!!

ネットで LIVE で見てくれてた方々、




Dominick said...

Pesu, you Yaz and DJ Notch are now brothers of mine and certainly family to SLAPPA. You did more then an incredible job, you were outstanding!! You left your soul on our wall and I will cherish it and protect it. Last night Edgar, Pat, Doug and myself spent the entire night talking about you and Notch and the 2-day experience we all shared. Legendary. Much love!!

PESU said...

> Dominick san!!!!!!!

Dom!! thx for leaving comment!! and
once again!! ARIGATOU very much for
giving HUGE canvas and GREAT atmosphere!!!
u giving me RESPECT & LOVE thats why i was able to make MASTER PEICE!! if not it was white & black u know! also, my family is in jpn n i miss them alot.
i really appliciate having family in amerika!!

much respect & love dom!!